Fast and furious:paul walker DEAD??!!?!???!

I seen seen that Paul walker from fast and ferious was in a crash and died?is it true?They said TMZ reported but the TMZ website has crashed?!!!???!

Yeah, he did.

Not sure what the big deal is, people die everyday; typically in a fashion much more horrific than his. Yet those poor souls will never be memorialized in the media or grieved over by strangers because they were never in some crappy movie series. Curious, isn’t it?

And why are you going to TMZ for your news and then to a yoyo forum for confirmation?

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Sad, but exactly what Links said.

c’mon man

Links how dare you say such a thing! How dare you!

The original TF&TF film is legendary. Just watched it with my sisters and we can pretty much quote the whole thing. Just epic.

Anything after the first one was aweful. Tokyo drift had asian chicks in so I’ll let that one slide, but it still isn’t a good film.

At any rate, it’s a shame. Ironic circumstances as well…

My dad was working on the movie, he said they are scrapping the whole thing and laying everyone off. Was a single car crash in a very fast car.

My issue is why hasn’t anyone talked about the other guy that passed away? Was his life of non consequence? He left behind younger kids if memory serves correct and his family and friends are grieving just the same it really bugs me that Paul walker is the only focus when others does as well.

Sorry for my rant :confused:

Because nobody knows the other guy. He’s just another highway statistic, like hundreds of other people who die on the highways every year. “This just in, 53 people were killed in crashes over the weekend…”

He actually was a racecar driver even on a small scale but I do think he had a following.

It just saddens me that we don’t make a bigger deal about the loss of any life like this.

I know what you’re saying, and ANY loss of life is typically sad (I can think of some small cases where it’s not, but that’s another conversation). The other guy’s life was no less valuable than Paul Walker’s.

But I understand why people talk about a celebrity death more. They have a “piece” of that person… presuming you’re a person talking about it and sharing grief, the celebrity was a part of your life in some way. They brought you some small measure of joy (maybe you really liked their roles or their movies, or were aware of their charity work) and on some scale there’s a relationship formed. I know that my wife is a big fan of his at least in the F&F franchise and “8 Below”, so we’ve talked about him and seen his movies multiple times.

As small as he factored into our lives, he at least factored in on some level. So we can talk about him and relate to other people talking about him. Roger Rodas’ life wasn’t any less valuable, but I have to do an internet search to learn about him. We don’t have a tiny relationship, and I don’t have anything to share about how he affected my life.

Celebrity is a funny thing. It’s certain that people talking about Paul Walker and not Roger Rodas are not doing it to diminish Rodas’ life, but rather to celebrate and grieve for the life that was a part of their own.


Have you not been on the internet/seen a TV in the past few days?

We can’t make a huge deal out of every death, it’s just not practical. Do you know how many people die everyday? Shedding a tear for ever life lost would kill you. Mentally and because of dehydration.

No sorry I’ve not I am on tv and Internet restriction so I’m given to posting telepathically…

rest in pickles paul walker may you drift in space

First off, sorry for bumping such an old thread. In the car scene, this news hit pretty hard, I can say almost every line from every F&F movie. When the last F&F Movie came out this summer we filled a movie theater parking lot with 500+ cars ranging from stockish civics to lambos and the only LFA in the state. Yea, the movies weren’t great, but we still watch them all the time wrenching on our cars with friends. The motor in my drift car is the sound they used for Paul Walkers skylines, and I even have the same blow off valve as in the movies(Thats what makes the PSSHHHHHH noise). It’s just really weird to me that the person that made me wanna get into the car scene is gone. Those Movies inspired kids to get in a car and mod it and make it theres. At car meets, everyone quotes those movies constantly. I don’t know about your guys areas, but this summer in Michigan were doing a Paul Walker Memorial cruise, People from all over the state are gonna come out and everyone there will make new friends. If you hear of one in your area, check it out, you’ll have alot of fun, the car scene is always open to more people.

Its disappointing when Paul Walker died I was hearing that everywhere, and Nelson Mandela died in the same week and I barley heard anything about it…