Fallout 4

Are you ready to leave the comfort of your Vault?

Nope my vault is full of yoyo’s I will never leave my vault

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You doing just what the overseer wants you to do. Stay in the Vault. Don’t do it. Be prepared. Pack your yoyos, we’re heading into the wasteland.
If anyone here has a an Xbox one, I’m looking for friends to add. Talk about gaming, life, and yoyos or play games with.

I have never played Fallout so I know absolutly nothing about it I just jumped in here to joke about yoyo’s :smiley:

Hey, its all good fun. No worries. You can joke about yoyos all you want, I’m enjoy it.
You could imagine what it would be like, stuck in a vault and all there is to do is yoyo, would be kinda nice lol

Imagine the sick tricks that might come out…

I know, having tricks names like “Vault-Tec” “Nuclear Blast” “Radiation” or heck, it would be an awesome yoyo company with some really awesome yoyo names. Radiation From the Fallout yoyo Co. lol

I also like how we have skipped around the fact that there is a new fallout and talking about nuclear yoyo tricks…

haha sorry. But I’m super excited for fallout 4. I’ve been waiting years since fallout 3 and New Vegas. I have all the achievements in both games. Huge fan. In fact you can buy two fallout 4 shirts for 30$. That’s a good price. 2 for 30$. I’ve been waiting years for this

le hype train is real in this one…

i need someone like gambit to make a starwars meme for this…

I think a hype is a understatement. I’m super excited but I’m not dying over it lol. But there are people out there who are like real crazy about it. More than I am.

im pretty sure my hype for mirrors edge 2 is way more then yours for fallout 4

Still playing the Witcher 3. I’ve got like 25 hours in it and am only like halfway through. The story and quests are just so amazing.

I’ve been wanting to try out the witcher 3. I have Titanfall, bf4, dragon age inquisition. Evolve. Watchdogs. Mortal kombat x. And more. But no witcher 3. I do want to get the elder scrolls online as well.

eso is pretty sick… my brother got to beta test it when it came out for that on pc… it looks pretty darn good.

I have a friend who just bought it for the Xbox one. Told him id get it too. But spent money on some yoyo stuff. Now I don’t have the money to buy it. Lol anyone wanna donate some money to me. It’s all for a good cause. My good cause. Lol

Out of those games, Titanfall ruined me for pretty much any other FPS and MKX is my favorite fighting game (Never cared for them before that). Also, isn’t ESO free now?

Regarding The Witcher 3: I believe it will become the new standard to which RPG’s are judged, and the real strength of the game lies in the quests. Every small quest in the game is engaging, and has it’s own story making similar quests feel very different. At one point, you might start to feel pity for a character who got drunk and beat his wife. Every action has a noticeable effect on the game world; if you kill innocent people, peasants may scatter when you enter a town. Definitely worth picking up if you’re into that sort of game.

that their sounds like one awesome arse game