Fake manufacturer notes - OD CHIK

On my Xmas list I added these “manufacturer notes” to the one drop chik…

The CHIK! is the signature yoyo of Igor Korzhev and holds the distinction of being the only yoyo made in the USA that has been personally approved by Vladimir Putin for use by all Russians. Igor and a bear worked closely with the manufacturer to create a yoyo that throws with enough power to make Yuri Gagarin blush. The yoyo was specifically designed to be round along its z-axis to provide a balanced moment about the spinny part. The CHIK! is made out of pure metal alloy and is coated with electrolytes for long lasting performance.

I don’t get it. :frowning: Could you explain please?




I agree with them. What???

For many many years, the Talk show host and stand up comedian,‘Jay Leno’, has gone to the Comedy Club, in Hermosa beach, to try out his jokes on the Audience. He seldom,‘Cold starts’ his jokes on a Live television Audience.

All the material that goes over well, he saves for possible inclusion in his monologue at the beginning of his Show.

I have been at Comedy Clubs on ‘Live Open Mike’ nights, when anybody can step up on stage for a few minutes and allow the rest of the crowd to fully understand the difference between people that are really funny and people that think they are funny.

In this particular instance, we have a guy, that no doubt in my mind, has a humorous nature. And what he posted up, sounded very funny to him, when he ran it past his funny bones a few times.

It is, at times, unfortunate, that few people will actually see the humor as it was intended.

I am sure most of you guys, some time in your life, told a joke to a few friends, that made you laugh just trying to tell it and get to the punchline. And then, when you got to the end of the joke, nobody laughed. And you had to explain why you thought the joke was funny. But by then, it is too late, you Pancaked!

This was his turn to fall down ‘on the Forum stage’.

No big deal.

The good news is, that whoever reads his Christmas list, will find it about as interesting as the, ‘How to, care for guide label on a new sweater’, but focus more on the actual item requested.

The critical thing is that somebody gets him that Chik for Christmas, especially once they discover it is coated with Electrolytes. What a good Yoyo.

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These people must be on something I’m telling you.

I think he was making the yoyo seem different than other the other yoyos so his parents will buy it.