side effects question on a chik.


So I picked up a chik last week and I’m loving it, but it seems the stamp on the outer half is on the side effects also is his normal?

If I take out the side effects there is likely no way I’d ever be able to get them lined up again. I looked at a few of the stock photos on the chik page and a few showed the stamp on the side effects and some didn’t.

Any thoughts would be great, thanks in advance.


The way I think it’s done, the graphics are done before the side effects are placed on/in the yoyo. I’m not sure if the CHIK uses laser etching or not. I’ll have to check mine closer but it’s kind of large so I think they might have done something else.


I’ll post a photo of mine a little later to show what I’m talking about.


I have a purple one and mine have the print on them just like yours. I think it’s cool, but I agree, it’ll be a nightmare if I ever unscrew them trying to line them up again.


No ink on the side effects

With ink on the side effects

Mine is like the second photo.


I have a Code 2 with spikes that look just like that. Maybe it has something to do with how there made.


If you look in the first picture you see the side effects have ink on them as well, it’s just not so obvious. Maybe it shows up better on certain colours…


Here is my Chik:

You can see a little bit of the laser etch on the top of the orange spike. I have taken them out an put them back in on a couple of occasions and I have unscrewed the yo-yo and put it back together as well. The Side Effects do not move once yo place them in the yo-yo thanks to the rubber o-ring that keeps it from falling out.


Was wondering when someone would notice this :slight_smile:


My spikes are clean!


I thought it was just my bgrades


Hmm I hope it’s not a b grade I paid full retail for mine. I wonder if one of the one drop guys will chime in? Where is Paul dang when we need him?


don’t worry, mine was a b grade because of the messed up engraving, not side effects


David already commented. It seems like it was intentional. Looks pretty awesome! And if you don’t like it, you could always pick up another set of SE’s.

Based on David’s comments, I’d assume this was done on purpose.


Why would it be a Bgrade thing? If anything, it looks more boss to have that ghosted extra etching on the side effects.

Da5id, I think a lot of people have already noticed! I’ve seen other threads before metioning it once or twice.

I like it; it’s a nice touch.


No they are not. I can see the slight ghosting of the white lines at the base of the spike in the picture. :slight_smile:


… Reflection :slight_smile:


Do not fret my fellow YoYo connoisseurs. The laser engraving on the Spikes are intentional. Igor is a big fan of graffiti style art. If you have seen graffiti on trains, walls or whatever, you may notice that it tends to take over an entire scene.

We wanted to fully capture Igor’s love for this art style. So we went ahead and engraved right ontop of the Side Effects.


We did it one purpose. Thought it would be fun thing. Each set of Side Effects is unique to the Chik! its shipped with.


It’s so subtle that it takes a good inspection, but that’s not a reflection.