*Expletive* -_-"

Dv888. Bearing acting funny. So angry. Its responsive. Need to break it in? Has weird vibe and low spin time. Help. :’(

Clean it?

How do I go about doing that?

YYF Spec bearings are very easy to maintain.

i don’t have any paint thinner. Any substitutes?

Lighter fluid works too.

If you can’t clean it, contact Ben. He will help you.

Until then, try a different bearing in your Dv888.

fixed. and I don’t know if have any of that either. Whats the common donomanator here. What chemichal do lighter fluid and paint thinner have in common? i might have something with chemical “X” in it.

I;ll have to for the time being.

could I use the large bearing from my X-Convict in it? It’s the only other large bearing I have.

as long as its the same size it should work good

Yup! It will work. :slight_smile:

Dont clean it play it responsive!!!

Its funner!!!

Honestly running bearings dry for to long will kill them.

So please for the love of god at least just thin lube them.

YYJ thin Lube keeps it unresponsive at the same time keep it alive…

Listen to your yo-yo the louder the dryer. The dryer the deader >.<

~Yin/White Mamba

The dryer, the sooner it will die, yes. But it can be loud and lubed well.

Oh, man, I forgot!

Everyone who gets a SPEC bearing, when you get them, lube them lightly. They come dry, so slightly lubing them will help you in the long run.

This happened to my dv888 too. I got a new one!

This. The exact same thing happened to my Hectic and cleaning didn’t fix it.

I have 4 dv888’s and nothing like this has ever happened, almost has to be the bearing though.