hey i just got an 888x but the bearing isint a stock flat bearing its either a yyf concave or difeo concave whats with that

Center-trak bearings come stock in the 888x

Actually there was an error in a run of YoYoFactory 888x yo-yos - this one run all shipped with center trac bearings. Technically a good thing for you as it is an upgrade bearing - but the standard 888x normaly ships with a Spec bearing.

I was hoping the post would be this, given the title. I was disappointed. :frowning:


My friend got one like this also

As did I, but I hate CT bearings so…

Personally I love them. But I like specs more. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not to be offensive, but I would strongly argue against the statement that it’s an upgrade.
In my opinion, and the opinion of many others, It’s a downgrade. Of course It’s subjective, but I feel if you can throw straight this type of bearing is unnecessary and does nothing but hold you back and make your binds slippy.

I’d take a flat spec or a stock YYJ any day.

For once, I agree with Mi.

I personally don’t really care about the bearing and typically play stock