Explain this...


In an effort to get better sleep times out of my new Code 1, I’ve tried a couple centering bearings. The first, a Twisted Trifecta, made the yoyo responsive. Today, I put a KK in and the same thing…responsive. This makes zero sense to me. I put centering bearings in to keep the string AWAY from the response. Also, the KK screamed when in the Code 1 and made clicking noises. I put it in my Shutter and it plays fine and quiet. Does anyone know why this is happening??

(velez_adrian) #2

Maybe it’s the response pads, maybe clean the inside of the place were you put it in and replace them, that helped me with my problem once.


Which CODE1 is it? Did you get it new?


It’s a new lily pond. Been having it for about a week. Just can’t seem to get good spin times.

(Owen) #5

Different bearing seat sizes? I’d take a look at your Code1’s side effects to see if there is any gunk in there. My Code1 accepts any bearing fine.


Clean out the bearing seat.