Expert String vs Bulk?

As far as I know, I’m a believer in bulk string. I’ve tried a couple other strings (Kitty String, Toxic String), and while they were nice I just don’t think the difference is made up for in the price. With that being said, I recently noticed that Expert String is sold in 50 Packs for just a dollar more than the bulk 100. Can anyone describe to be the difference between the YYE bulk string and the Expert String? Is it softer, thinner, longer, pre-tied vs not pre-tied, better for slack, etc? I’ve heard it’s virtually identical to Highlights, but unfortunately I haven’t yet had the opportunity to try that either.

50 count sounds like a good number for the price. I seem to be growing tired of looking at the same color string from my 100 count bulk, so I’m definitely open to trying new threads. lol. Any thoughts?


I stick with the bulk poly’s. Nothing else seems to make that much of a difference and I like that they’re always the length I like and already knotted. Can’t beat it.

Expert string was alright, but not enough to make me switch. It’s untied, which I don’t like. I felt like it was a little slicker-feeling and maybe just a bit more unresponsive because of it. Weight…maybe a little lighter, not quite as nice for lacerations, but about the same. It did last a little longer before fraying though.

From what Stookie said it just sounds like they are made from a harder more durable thread. I haven’t tried them myself though so who am I to say.

They are a very soft Contest style string that is great for tension!!!

I’m getting on just having acquired the new 50 pack and I was only waiting for a larger quantity to get more. Andre gave me a 10 pack last time I picked up from the office. I passed them around only using maybe three of them and I prefer them over bulk. There is nothing wrong with bulk I like the feel of the Experts better and life was longer. They are also going to come out in combo colors so if you held off due to solids, just wait.
Thanks to the guys at YOYOEXPERT.

Pretty off-topic but I don’t think this is worth making an entirely new thread over. By any chance does any one know what type of string the RecRev Facade and the CafeRacer ship with? I believe they were the same thing, but it’s the only string i’ve tried other than bulk that I was extremely fond of. My guess is toxic string, but even then, I don’t know which type?

I believe the Cafe Racer comes with One Drop Basics, but idk about the Facade.

Yye stock strings don’t whip as good as the 100% poly kitties I’ve found. And the kitties are much softer on the hands as well.

Those are the basics? Wow, that’s a great string for the price! I mean I don’t know much about string, but I was pretty impressed with it. Do the white strings differ a lot from the colored ones? I’m thinking about buying a pack :]

Generally, coloured strings are a teeny tiny bit thicker than white strings because of the dye used. Other than that, all other things being equal, they should play the same.


I used Expert strings, I thought they were just similar to say a regular YYE poly, but lasted about twice as long. At $5 for a 10 pack I deemed that it wasnt worth it and I wouldn’t get them again, but now at $13 for 50, I would be interested in using it as my new bulk string at home

I haven’t tried expert string yet. Or highlights.
But I love Kitty! Thicker than yye bulk but whips much nicer and feels better in the hand.


How well do expert strings hold string tension in comparison to bulk?

Ditto. O.o

Like twice as good.
It’s really nice stuff.
It breaks in in 2-3 throws too!
Feels alot nicer on the hands