Expensive UK shipping

Why is the UK shipping so expensive? $35 minimum…other places manage it for $11 or less…

Firstly shipping is getting more expensive period.
The reason is that others can charge less is that some companies may have more influence, better contacts or contracts to bring down the shipping cost.
Plus there are taxes to pay, customs, etc…

Note that I am only speaking out of opinion and not representing any company or YoyoExpert.

I just shipped a package to the us for £5 (around $8) then again, that could be due to my huge influence…or those contacts I have…

Maybe you should direct this question to the store via email. You might get a better answer than the WAGS here.

Not to take away from YYE, but there are retailers in the UK. You may wish to explore some of these options. I know there are other retailers in Europe and Asia, which may also offer better shipping options.

Otherwise, YYE is rather limited. The Priority Mail is. believe it or not, a good deal. However, First Class is a lot cheaper but to save money, there’s not a lot they can cram in that box to get the good deal.