Expanding Wizard Drops

(Jacob Waugh) #1

So I recently learned Wizard Drops on the A-rt youtube channel and I wanted to make a full combo out of it, I have been able to tweak it enough to add a string flick but I want to keep the flow that the original trick had, I haven’t been able to add any more elements that work in the trick/are original and I need your help. I am going to try to guide you up to where I am in the steps below, doesn’t matter what level you are I would love the input. Just be sure to use TH and NTH rather that right and left when talking about it.

Help me make a combo.


  1. learn Wizard drops: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYwkKvYVuko
  2. Now learn it and do all the steps up to the rejection using a Houdini mount. This will add a wrap on your NTH.
  3. If you followed step 2 and did the rejection you will notice that your TH thumb is holding a string that wraps around your NTH.
  4. Let go of said string and flick slack into back half of yoyo via NTH, note that your NTH thumb should reach forwards and pinch the trapeze loop on it before swinging the slack.
  5. Pop the yoyo up and use your now free TH thumb to grab the back string on your NTH thumb, this element is the brother version to the hop in this:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKsJq8_Cr2A
  6. By now you have 2 loops on your NTH thumb, nothing on your NTH Index, a loop on your TH Index and 1 on your TH thumb.
  7. Help me

I didn’t add the original rolling from Wizard Drops but you can add it between steps 3 and 4.


A video would make this easier rather than a list of steps describing what you’re doing.

(Jacob Waugh) #3

I know I just didn’t have my filming stuff ready and I thought my steps were pretty clear.