Exit 8

Is the Duncan Exit 8 responsive? It comes with an A sized bearing and other Duncan throws like the Metal Drifter, comes stock responsive. Just a little question.

no, it is not responsive.

The Exit 8 is a high-end metal yo-yo from Duncan, and is unresponsive. All Screaming Eagle yo-yos come stock unresponsive. Another word of advice: most yo-yos $60 and up are unresponsive. The Exit 8 comes with a size A bearing, but the gap is still larger than the Metal Drifter and other lower-end models.

The bearing that comes with the Exit 8 is unresponsive, and the gap width is 3.99 mm, which is wider than some C bearing yoyos. Also, the pad recess is deeper than it is on the Drifter, kind of acting like a giant schmoove ring. The string does not touch the pads until you bind.

I love the Exit 8 and it is hands down my favorite throw. I like how it is made from an “uncool” bearing and response system, but plays better than anything else I have.

I think the bearing and response is “cool.” It’s just preference, but most companies use larger bearings and “slim pad” sized responses. Also, just curious, what yo-yos do you see that have a size C bearing and have a gap smaller than 3.99 mm?

YYJ Ai, X-Con Pro, H-Spin Beyond Envy are some that have C bearings but a smaller gap.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with A bearing and pad response, I have just noticed that a lot of people seem to be C bearing and Sili receded “snobs.” Preference is preference, and I’m all for that, but if you look in the “help and recommendation” section you will see a lot of “this yoyo has a c bearing and sili recess so it is better.”