Takeshi's Exit 8!

(Brandon Jackson) #1

These will be available in VERY LIMITED quantities at EYYC! Hitting retailers in March.



Woah, i want that


I tried the Proto. Absolutely phenomanal player. The best Duncan ever


Hey Brandon, Is different than the proto he had at moyo last year? Seems to be and I know that proto he had was phenomenal. Do Want!

(laxdude99) #5

Looks amazing


I really hope this comes with a A or D size bearing!! This is one hot throw!!!


Looks sweet and I’m digging the blue color.


I’m pretty sure these are A bearings.

I’m pretty sure that Duncan won’t be using D bearings ever.


The Momentum uses a D bearing, silly :smiley: Either way, I just would like it to be a small bearing metal.


Oh that’s right. DOH! lol


how much will they cost when they come out? i want one


I played Takeshi’s Proto at the Meeting he runs… it is the most Epic Thing Ever! And It is a D bearing I think.



Whats the diameter? Big, small?

(Zammy Ickler ) #14

The Duncan Momentum utilized a Size D bearing to own a bigger gap versus how the Mayhem was like.
The Exit 8, at least the prototypes that he owned are A size bearing and I believe they will still be that way.



i kinda hope it would be D bearing… :stuck_out_tongue:


That looks amazing… probably won’t be able to get one though. :’(

(Brandon Jackson) #17


Love that vid!!!


I very much liked that vid. I loved the proto I played at Moyo last year. Now I’ll have to find way to get one at worlds.

(M²) #20

No, we gotta go bigger, we gotta go E! In fact, just screw the yoyo, give me a J size bearing on a string.