Takeshi's Exit 8!

These will be available in VERY LIMITED quantities at EYYC! Hitting retailers in March.


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Woah, i want that

I tried the Proto. Absolutely phenomanal player. The best Duncan ever

Hey Brandon, Is different than the proto he had at moyo last year? Seems to be and I know that proto he had was phenomenal. Do Want!

Looks amazing

I really hope this comes with a A or D size bearing!! This is one hot throw!!!

Looks sweet and I’m digging the blue color.

I’m pretty sure these are A bearings.

I’m pretty sure that Duncan won’t be using D bearings ever.

The Momentum uses a D bearing, silly :smiley: Either way, I just would like it to be a small bearing metal.

Oh that’s right. DOH! lol

how much will they cost when they come out? i want one

I played Takeshi’s Proto at the Meeting he runs… it is the most Epic Thing Ever! And It is a D bearing I think.


Whats the diameter? Big, small?

The Duncan Momentum utilized a Size D bearing to own a bigger gap versus how the Mayhem was like.
The Exit 8, at least the prototypes that he owned are A size bearing and I believe they will still be that way.


i kinda hope it would be D bearing… :stuck_out_tongue:

That looks amazing… probably won’t be able to get one though. :’(

Love that vid!!!

I very much liked that vid. I loved the proto I played at Moyo last year. Now I’ll have to find way to get one at worlds.

No, we gotta go bigger, we gotta go E! In fact, just screw the yoyo, give me a J size bearing on a string.