Every seen a case like this? Pretty smart Brett is!


This is Brett’s tool box/case. Pretty smart how he has supplies on top and uses the drawers for throws.


yup, I got the idea to make my case after I saw a video where he had his.
I have a 4 drawer + 1 on top w/ another compartment that sits above the top part that I can hold all manner of strings, bearings, etc.
Only problem is it isn’t particularly portable, as it weighs like 30 pounds. His is probably lighter, seeing as how it’s a little smaller, and made of plastic as opposed to metal.


This was my favorite a guy from YYN made years back.


Yup, it’s dope.

Been on the lookout for such a toolbox ever since seeing Brett’s. No luck thus far. Had my yoyos in some foam in the bottom of a large fishing tackle box, accessories and string in the top organizers. Until I got too many strings and accessories. Had to move those to a different snap-lid container. :wink:


Not sure how much you’re looking to spend on it, or if you’re interested in metal, but this is exactly what I use


This one might work nicely…

Not sure if the trays are deep enough.



Nice find, if the trays are deep enough! How to find out… hmm…


Ah ha!

The inside drawer dimensions are 17 5/8" W x 6 3/16" D x 1 15/16" H.


Pretty tight, but most standard-ish jojos should fit!


I have one very similar to Brett’s except its metal. I picked it up from Home Depot for only like 30 bucks. Three drawers and a top compartment. I believe they had a 4-drawer version and 5-drawer version, but the cost increase was more than significant.


I am the proud owner of Brett’s case. My precious, I’ll post some pics later when I get a chance.


Sweet! Did he sell it or something?


Yes Brett did sell it to me. Maybe a year or two ago. Check it out.
IMG_0435 by L my Bs, on Flickr
IMG_0436 by L my Bs, on Flickr
IMG_0443 by L my Bs, on Flickr
IMG_0447 by L my Bs, on Flickr
IMG_0448 by L my Bs, on Flickr



That’s good for a At Home case, but I hope you have a small YYE Contest bag like case for on the go.

I couldn’t imagine carrying that around! How much does it weigh? I assume, hmm 15-25 lb??


Toolboxes weight almost 30 on their own. Probably weighs like 45. Maybe 55 tops


Fully loaded like in the pictures 26 pounds. pretty lite empty, since most is plastic. I have taken it places but yeah its pretty heavy, but holds a lot of stuff.