Evangelion and C3 yoyos

I may just be slow but have been looking at the colorways for the capless on some other sites I won’t name but noticed that the colorways are a direct reference to each model for evangelion and it even list the type in direct relation to the mech

Thanks for the links in IRC, especially the picture. You can post the anime photo if you want.

I totally see it.

I’m not into Anime, but if you see the ones on the other store site and the image, yeah, totally.

I thought that was pretty cool how they did that.

I’m not much of a fan of NGE but still kinda wanted the Unit-01 colourway cause it looked nice and was good subtle reference, the type people in the know will get and those unaware will barely even notice.

Found some pics I thought were ok to post and also awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

Really want a mint type 1 so if someone happens to have one they’re getting rid of hit me up :wink:

Hadn’t seen those posters before. Really nicely done.