Neon Genesis Evangelion yoyos

NGE is one of my favorite anime’s; once I heard about the Eva-themed C3 Capless, I knew I had to track them down. So far all I have left to find is the one of Unit Type 03!

(fun fact I just realized, all of the yo-yos except for the Colossus were imported from Japan, haha)

While tracking them down, the NERV logo homage TopYo Colossus came out, and I also found an UNPRLD Abduction in their Eva colorway. Finding the Abduction got me thinking, what other Eva themed yoyos are out there?

As far as I’m aware, these are the NGE themed yo-yos I’m missing:

  • C3 Capless, Type 03
  • UNPRLD Elimination, Eva colorway
  • YoYoRecreation Third Impact – not directly Eva theme’d, but I mean, it’s called the Third Impact lol.

Any others that I’ve missed?


I didn’t even know most of these existed! Thank you for sharing the photo!


I’m pleased you enjoyed them, I’m happy to share :slight_smile:

I wasn’t aware of them either until @sparhawk told me about them and linked me this thread:

They were instrumental in building out this collection too! They found the Type 00 and Type 02 on a Japanese used yo-yo shop and offered to add them to an order they were putting together for import and then months later found the Type 01 on Mercari and sent me the link; I can’t thank them enough!! They were even the one let me know about the NERV-logo homage Colossus V; the only one I found completely on my own is the Abduction by pure stroke of luck!