1 of 1 Cyborgs!


I guess these were put up recently, but there are 14 different 1 of 1 colorways of the Cyborg on here, and the best part is, they’re all in stock!



Too bad there’s no pictures… I think i saw one on FB a while back.



Can’t tell if your post was serious… Did you read the thread?


Seen one splash ya seen’em all


I saw a photo posted many weeks ago. I was hoping to see a clear, black and red. :frowning: They don’t look the same to me.

Yoyofactory Instagram, follow them, so you don’t miss out.



No, not at all. Especially when they’re a mixture of splash, acid washes, or that paint look, obviously someone looking to buy one is curious what exactly they’re going to get. I assume YYE and every other yoyo store on the planet learned this and that’s why they post multiple pictures of every colorway. But hey what do i know, i’m only sitting here willing to buy one if i just knew what each one looked like.

(DOGS) #8

I think he might have meant more to the tune of splashes being uninteresting and overdone.


I also like to see before I buy, I just bought the clear/green/purple a couple weeks ago (right before the 1/1) and it looks awesome.


There’s one picture of some of the 1 of 1 cyborgs. Must’ve been updated recently…


Official YYE picture here



And I just changed my bank card number yesterday so i cant even pay for anything since the new card hasnt come.
lol derp


i was gonna get one b4 i saw the pics, i already have one, and its the best YYF ive thrown so far. beating out a genesis,suprnove,czm8,aviator,7075 catalyst,primo,shutter and few others, im really diggin that top green and black one,but the blue,pink and gold one its really fresh.


I got a Red W/Green and Purple splash. It is gorgeous. Great yoyo too.

The Cyborg plays almost identically to my TP MaxBet. That is a good thing since it was my favorite TP.