New Cypher colorways

wish theyl do this w the cyborg 2 as well

Those are the turning point store editions .

They did ones like those for the cyborg 1. So there’s a good chance you will see them

Wow love the pink and black

Wow, those look GREAT!

Imagine if YYF had them do all of their runs… Just something about that ano. Would buy/10.

It’s beautiful. They’re just gorgeous.

OMg I am imagining a black like that with green instead pink speckle…

They yellow/red color is amazing, where do I buy it? Will YYE get any?

if they make a space cowboy in the orange/red colorway, i will cry tears of joy :’( :slight_smile: :’( :slight_smile:

Turning Point did the anodizing. Use that as your guide… :wink:

I already have a cypher so I have no use for another but I sure hope they do more of these colorways for other throws.

I had absolutely zero interest in the Cypher until this point. Those colourways look just fantastic. :o

Funny, right? I normally tell myself, “You’re about the shape and specs, not the colourway”, but I felt exactly the same way.

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Really? The Cypher is a great throw (regardless of colourway), very underrated.

I’m sure that it’s a great yoyo (after all, Kentaro helped design it), there was just nothing about it that stood out to me. I didn’t really like the hub nipple design either, nor any of the initial colourways it was released in. :-\

While I thoroughly enjoy my Cypher, I agree that the initial colorways weren’t all that great. Some of the more recent ones are better, and the 1 of 7 colorway that I got in my holiday collector’s mystery box is pretty great.

I also agree about the hub. The Magicyoyo N12 has essentially the same exact diameter, width, and profile, but has a flat cup, which I like much better. That being said, the fit and finish on the N12 aren’t quite as good, and the colorways and engravings aren’t nearly as nice.

Overall, I view the Cypher as kind of a “jack of all trades, master of none.” It’s a really well rounded throw, and great performance for the price, there just isn’t anything super special or unique about it. It is stable as heck though, and I’m often caught binding it way before it’s out of spin. Both of mine have been extremely smooth too.

isnt that wat every tp throw does