Epic Yoyo String/ Unknown Yoyo String colaboration!


Hey everyone! You heard right! :o We are going to combine the awesome power of UYYS jackrabbits and EYYS strings into. DUN DUN DUN!.. EPICRABBITS! More info soon.




When your companies grow, you will realize string collaborations only cost you customers, and you never gain any… Just want to let you know.




Because when people see these other companies, they often will switch to them, and leave you in the dust. That happens to both sides, so each sides loose some and gain some. But they’re obviously going to be less consistent customers unless they are a rare one that actually becomes a consistent customer.

Long-story short, consistent valuable customers will be lost, not so consistent customers will be gained


This doesn’t ring true, but a long involved breakdown won’t do anybody any good. :wink:

I say “go go go!” for the collaboration. As long as they remain consistently available if people like them. Would be kind of a bummer to find the “perfect string” (haha!) only to find out a month later that it’s not available because the manufacturers’ personal preferences changed or one or two people wanted tweaks (thicker, thinner, looser, tighter…).


Why did CLYW and Onedrop make the summit?


I would say it’s different with yoyo companies because with yoyos people already have brand loyalty so it’s not going to disrupt sales just make people on both end buy it. Maybe I’m completely wrong who knows.


makes sense.


The colab is still happening right?


If the strings are good.


Ok, I was hoping BYYS comment didn’t destroy the idea :slight_smile:


Hey man, I’m not trying to kill your dream here, if you think it would be a good idea by all means go for it! I know all about people crushing others dreams :confused:


I have made a few prototypes, going to send a few to logi soon.


I understand you were just giving business advice.


Coming soon…


Cool-aid. I think I’ll hop on this when ya’ll are done


Love the picture!!!

(2Sick Joey) #19

These sound really cool! Hope to try them out


Isn’t that a Daft Punk song? :wink: