Entheos assembled and ready for engraving

Back from blast and anno…finallllly.



Quite so. I want a green/gold or a blue/green one!

mouth waters Any ideas on when it’s coming out?

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he sold a few pre-pro raw ones already
these ones will be available at nationals.

Where is nationals? (not that I will be able to go :’()

Those look great and nationals is in Chico California.

nats is this saturday in Chico, Ca.
I wish I could go, but it falls on the same day as SATs :confused:

It will be a few weeks until they are engraved.
You can get them here at YYE.

Looks so Epic!

Looks great, but I’m not a fan of the two-color thing.

A gold/gold, or blue/blue or even black/black would look fantastic to me. Nice colors! Maybe they should sell them by the half!

Badass editions?

What?!?!?! When!?!?!?!

Soon, my fellow shreader.

Doing a small handful of these for Ernie. :slight_smile:

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I was kind of hoping for like two months. That’s just because i just bought a $150 CLYW Canvas and have only tried a General Yo Essence off the BST. I really want to try a never before used General Yo.

That looks epic right there. Nice stuff.

That’s the coolest thing I’ve ever saw. Seriously.