Enter for a free anodize! Winner Announced!


And the winner is…Hydrophidian! Ill have another contest in about two to three weeks with different criteria :slight_smile: Stay tuned!

Hey guys, SO I need to do some more testing with anodizing and I need you! If you’re interested please send me a PM telling me you would like to be entered for a free anodize and I will put you on a list and in one week, I will randomly select one person to get a free anodize! All you have to do is pay return shipping and “like” my page on facebook! The group name is “Pankratz Customs” Thanks! everyone! Drawing on July 5th!

Entries so far:

  1. MiamiBuddha
  2. Yoyo
  3. yomagic
  4. WaterFiredude
  5. MrSquirrel
  6. mullicabob
  7. northstarrocks
  8. LinksLegionaire
  9. GoCrazyForYoyo
  10. A Soviet Locust
  11. qpwoei12
  12. Sanmey3
  13. Nivo
  14. aceproduction
  15. Hydrophidian
  16. Culex
  17. Feruvox
  18. yoba
  19. awl
  20. thats4thebirds
  21. beckert3


I may not be able to send a yoyo but I just made a nice tool handle for my lathe. Small aluminum handle that you can do whatever you’d like to.




Does this also include stripping off previous anodizing?


Just realized I’m not subscribed to this thread :stuck_out_tongue:


PMed. ;D


Holy Cow, I won!!!


Dang. Nice!