Eneme vs meteor

I see both of those are on sale right now and want to get something with my christmas money. Which one do you think is the best?

I say eneme

What would you consider it. Fast or floaty?

They’re on sale because they weren’t selling. They weren’t selling because they were bad/really outdated. Especially those 2.

There’s better yoyos full price that’s cheaper than the sale price of those 2 now

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Ok. Thanks that makes alot of sense. I was also looking at the revival and aloha.

Is the Meteor that bad? It came second at worlds in 08.

Eneme looks like an old 888. Everybody loves those, don’t they?

I have to disagree with the idea that they were bad yoyos.
They are both quite nice in my opinion and have a lot of things going for them.
The weight and feel of the eneme is very nice I feel. Undersized like an 888 with a slightly more solid feel. I have not played anything like it before. Also if you can ever get one of the black beadblasted ones, jump on it!
The meteor is a very fast and light yoyo. The shape feels wide and has a slight texture on the rims. Definitely something that suits Mickeys yoyoing and while older, I feel definitely goes along with other modern “contest style” throws. :slight_smile:

The accelerator is the same price as the eneme and way more modern in design. Absolutely destroys it in performance. Although I loved the 888 is was not a fan of the eneme because it didn’t feel as fast. As for the meteor it may have been an acceptable yoyo at the time but compared to yoyos made these days it’s not worth purchasing. The walls are way too high to be a modern contest style throw.