Eneme axle

lmao my axle on my eneme tore up in half and got stuck in it. Should i contact yoyojam because the problem is that i told them that i lost my eneme axle and then send me the wrong size that it didn’t fit in it. On that very same day i found it lying in the bathroom and didn’t tell them… solutions anybody?

You are on your own here. Should never lie.

did i lie or did i? i received the axle only to find that it doesn’t fit it. so i got mad and frustrated and started looking for it all day when i receive the non fitting axle in the mail. I was about to take a shower when i saw something black on the bathroom floor and than found it i was happy to find it tho. but got tore in half.

ya :wink:

He didn´t lie, he had a defective axle, asked for a new one got the wrong one and found the axle on the
the place were most people would never think an axle could be in.

You should at least give him some advice.

Go to Ace and get a setscrew that fits. Your problem is solved.

So did you?

I would ask Yoyoexpert for a replacement. They should give you one for free. If that doesn’t work, you can buy the Yoyojam small axle. That’s just what I’m guessing.