Endlesspin String: Coming Soon!


Hello all!

Endlesspin is working on its next project, STRING!

It is going to be affordable, durable and playable, hand-crafted string for all of the combos that you enjoy pulling off. The string is Aurifil Cotton and I’m hoping it will be ready soon!


If you have any questions or preferences, please post below. :slight_smile:


Could you please tell us exactly whatAurifil Cotton is and it’s benefits, say, over the current types of string being used out there? Thanks.


It is just luxury cotton. :smiley:

Very soft and light for whips and easy binds!


Well honestly in the string trick world today, almost no one uses cotton string. It gives easy string burn and wears out quickly. If you’re gonna try to produce string for anyone except the fixed axle crowd, go with polyester or even nylon.


Funny, I just got nylon floss thread today. :slight_smile: