2A/Looping string type? (Loop 360)

After about 8 months of 1A, I decided to enter the realm of 2A with two Loop 360s. I’ve gotten pretty good at looping after a few days with my right hand; my left hand struggles to get two down but I’m getting there.

Lately, I’ve been searching around and I still don’t really know what kind of string I should use. Currently, I use 1.5 Poly/Nylon strings, but they seem to have a little trouble winding up sometimes, especially after a flick start. It’s the only stuff I have that works for looping, and right now I’m on my last string. I have a big, new pack of Buddha Poly, but they’re far too beefy.

The strings that came with the 360s, which I assume are cotton, feel nice for looping but they break too fast. I was looping in front of my dad and it almost hit him when the string broke mid-loop. :o

What string do you guys recommend for looping throws?

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Yes, cotton wears/breaks too fast, though to me it’s a better string for looping tricks. Try come 50/50 cotton/poly string, otherwise known as slick 6 or slick 8 depending on the size. It’s a pretty good substitute for 100% cotton.

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