Endlesspin Creation

I’m looking to create a yoyo, but I don’t necessarily want the yoyo to fit my preferences, but rather YOURS. So, tell me. What should my design begin with?









I only listed a few to get you started

*there are more combinations btw

This is essentially the Code project

You’re better off to set different topics where you poll people on each of those design elements

I would go for an undersized organic v-shape. Like not too round, like an 888, but not angular. A nice curve in the v. I challenge you to make another undersized throw that doesn’t feel like a brick.

Your preaty much describing the spyy supra

I think an undersized under cut (like the cliff/AG2)
It would be cool to make one because you only see full-sized ones

These are all great ideas. Thanks for the support and keep them (ideas) coming. :slight_smile:

I need the buyers side of the matter, because if I make a yoyo that fits my preferences, what does that do for the buyers?

Answer: Nothing

V shaped, Midsize, about 66 grams.

H cross V average or oversize

Okay! Great suggestions!

Is this still happening?
If so, undersized undercut would be my choice.

Undersized organic and maby even add side effects

Glacier Express, although it’s definitely as small as a Dingo if that’s what you’re talking about.

Much as I love the Supra, it is a bit bricky. A lighter Supra-like yoyo! Organic-influenced undersized V.

Stalker 2 shape, 58 diameter, 45 width, 65 grams, prestige hub.

Stalker shape :o

Stalker 2 shape!

Sorry that this doesn’t really help but make it unique. When you see an up and coming company, you don’t know how much you can trust them, so when it is a general, standard looking shape, you have to to think about if you really want it, but if you make it different, people will be all over it!

How about a double V organic hybrid

Quite precise. I’m thinking of an undersized h-shape.

The material will be: Wood and aluminum. The wood will be on the outside and the aluminum will be connected to the wood, so that I may have a ball bearing and friction pads. I already have sketched some blueprints.

The weight will be somewhere around 59.5 - 64 grams. :smiley:

wood and metal combo, hm sounds interesting haha, hope you pull it off!

Thanks for the support! I’m gonna try after I receive my lathe.