End Of 5a May Instagram Contest

Time to unleash your 5a creativity and flex your freehand skills with our 5A Yo-Yo Trick Challenge!" The rules are pretty simple;

1.Upload Your Weirdest 5a Yoyo Trick On Instagram - We are looking for strange, unseen, 5a craziness! Show us the weirdest, oddest, most unique 5a trick in your arsenal–something that we haven’t seen before. This is a great opportunity, as a community, to push the 5a scene into areas uncharted, and see where things take off for the counterweight culture.

2.Make sure to add @dedheddesigns as a collaborator and tag both @brianmelford and @dedheddesigns

3.Follow Us on Instagram @dedheddesigns and @brianmelford

4.Use #5AMayGiveaway on your post.

The drawing for the contest will be done on May 31st, so hurry and get your entry in. The contest will have 4 categories;

Most Views - Pretty much explains itself - winner receives a Hand Painted Higby Looper

Most Comments - Let’s see who’s trick causes the most commotion - winner receives special red/black variant of The Ghoul Counterweight

Happy 5A Vibe - This is where the pageantry comes in, show us how much 5a spirit you got - winner receives Special Clear Edition of The Ghoul

Random Picked Winner - One lucky entrant will win a surprise yoyo

Much success to all the participants, and we look forward to seeing some weird 5a yoyo tricks!


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I don’t post to Instagram (@somecryptid) yet so I’m just gonna put this here. If it don’t count it don’t count, call it a flex, either way here’s Tree Orbit and Branch Stole.


I love this nice work!

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One more day folks! Thank you to everyone that has participated :pray: