En plein air

“En plein air” is a French term for painting “in the open air”. With it getting warmer, do you prefer throwing “en plein air”? If so, where?

I was waiting in the park the other day for my wife and busted out the yoyo. It felt good to throw with a cool breeze on my back! No worries on hitting the ceiling!

I do enjoy throwing outdoors. Something about it is just feels good.

By the way, I like your signature Hydro.

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Indoors is my choice, but outdoors is nice too. I like to be out. It does make some tricks harder if there is a breeze, but hey, fun is fun. It’s fun to meet in groups outdoors. There’s ample room to spread out.

Ehh not during the summer when it is 100 degrees out side but during the “winter” when highs are around 60 degrees yes. Sorry I’m spoiled by Arizona’s perpetual sunny days.

I brought my Lyn Fury to a KOA on the beach a few months ago. Had quite a bit of fun.