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Beadblasting is not going to remove the vibe of the yoyo. Also considering the cost to have it beadblasted you may as well just buy another benchmark.

there are benchmarks that arent blasted?

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I think I saw how to possibly get rid of vibe if you have dings on it or something, is to use a little hammer and a dial caliper to find the imperfections. Refer to this: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,83013.0.html
A lot of good tips in that

IDK about the modding, though. You can ask one of the ^^above people

Try changing out the side effects. Unless the hub is bent, that should fix it.

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What should I try changing the side effects to? Theres quite a few options .

Go with anything, just not the pair in the yoyo right now. It’s just to see if the side effects are causing vibe.

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okay i changed the side effects. its playing alot smoother now c: but i would still like to have it sandblasted and maybe anodized if anyone knows someone that can.