Emmett (Idaho) City Yo-Yo Contest - June 19th


Hey folks! For the last eight months I’ve been building a yo-yo club in my hometown of Emmett, Idaho. We’re up to about 30 members now and are going to be having our first ever City Yo-Yo Contest on June 19th, 2010. It’ll be a morning contest at a local event called the Gem County Cherry Festival. We have some cool custom trophies and yo-yo products from our contest sponsors to give away to the winners. If you live somewhere around the southern Idaho area (Oregon, Northern California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, etc.) and would like to participate in a contest that is beginner friendly please consider making a drive up.

The event will take place from 9:00am - 11:00am at the Emmett City Park Bandshell (Google Map to the precise location is available on the contest website: http://emmettyoyo.com/contest/ ). Registration for the event will be taking place between 8:50am till 9:30am and is only $5.00 which is being used to cover some of the costs of the contest.

There are two divisions: Sports Ladder and Open Freestyle (any style, 1A - 5A). Registrants are eligible to compete in both divisions. Age groups for the sports ladder will be determined after all participants have registered.

Judges for the sports ladder will be Jacob Jensen (Elephark) and myself, Michael Montgomery. Freestyles will be peer judged.

Again, this is a smaller competition geared towards newer yo-yoers. We are hoping to have a few experienced players present do perform freestyles. This competition is separate from the Idaho State Yo-Yo Championships which will be taking place in August at the Boys and Girls Club in Garden City. (I will post more info about the Idaho State contest in a month).

If you have any questions, want to know what the sports ladder tricks consist of, want to see the general rules for the freestyles or anything else please visit our website at: http://emmettyoyo.com/contest/ or post your questions as a reply to this thread. Alternatively you may email me at mike(at)themikemonty(dot)com.

Thank you!

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