elliot jackson peak wont unscrew

i just got my peak yesterday because i finally managed to pay my mom back, and i cant unscrew it (help ???) does anyone know how to solve this?

This isn’t to insult your intelligence, just to make sure (I’ve done it before), but are you turning it the correct way?

Lefty loosey, righty tighty.

im putting all my muscle to the left, but it wont unscrew

i had the same problem with my campfire, was dead tight, in the end i had to use a cloth and really really twist. But be carefull cuz you dont wanna tear the axel out and stuff :L

I use channel locks and medical tape so I dont damage the rims.

ive already used rubber gloves with all my might, and it didnt unscrew >.<

i dont have medical tape

send it back and get another one

There are no more.

Just a shot in the dark, but maybe take off the string and shoot a generous quantity of WD40 into the hub area and let it sit for a day or so.

Another option is to put it in the freezer for a couple of hours. This will tend to shrink the axle a smidge and open up the threaded hole a bit. This might be enough to get it apart. In fact, I’d try this before the WD40.

leave it be for now, lift some wieghts, eat some steaks, meditate, concentrate, concentrate, and if you still can’t screw it apart by hand, get your father to do it, or go to your neerist gym and ask your friendly nieghberhood meethead to unscrew it for you by hand without crushing it into dust.

All BS a-side useing any tools to take it apart is the last thing I would do IMO, wd40 isnt a bad idea, and frankly, I have Kristian Kaluzsa Peak, and it was dead smooth like an angel’s fresh *** out the box, do you realy need to take it apart now? I say play with it for some time, give it some good throws, show it some good good lovin’ then try to loosin it now and again and don’t fret if it’s not ready to loosin’ up for you just yet, one day you might just find yourself unscrewing it with the same amount of torque you would apply to an Oreo cookie.

Hmmm, good idea.
Can’t imagine why I didn’t think of that. :smiley:

But a couple of 12 inch pipe wrenches would do the trick.

I’d stick by what i said B4

but if you realy need to take it apart, cause your string tangles, (still would cut it and add new string though) or the respons needs R² (bind big as long as you can) and I reached the end of my rope, then i would rely on a strap wrench, the tool is meent for this sort of thing, uses a textured rubber strap to apply torque to perfectly round objects you can find that at any hardware store, theres all different sizes and materials to a strap wrench so find the one thats right for you, still though, to me being a last run peak I would even send it back and let CLYW unscrew it, cause if the threads strip, I’m sure they have the proper tap and die set to fix the threads in both halves and replace your axle.

omg ty so much!! the freezer thing worked!! problem solved, thread closed :D!!!


i was gonna put a KK in it because it rotated.

Glad to hear it worked.