Eli Hops

Having a little difficulty with these as I try to progress. Any tips or ideas on how I can improve my hop as well as landing it on the string

Try not pulling your hands apart to pop it up so much. You are almost lifting both hands to pop it rather than spreading them apart of that makes sense. To make catching a little easier, try catching it close to your non throw hand like when you were learning trapeze. Also keep the string coming from your throw hand straight and in line with the yoyo. I hope that all makes sense and helps a bit.

Thank you that does make sense I’ll give it a shot

also, don’t let any slack appear in the string… get a good pop to keep the string tight.

also pay attention to which direction the yoyo is missing the trapeze line and move your throw hand closer or farther from you accordingly. So if the yoyo is missing closest to you move your throw hand closer, and vise versa. a small adjustment can go a long way once you know what direction to make the change! :smiley:

The no slack thing was huge for me!

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I started hitting it more reliably when I was doing it at different angles. Both the vertical path of the yoyo and instead of at a right angle to my line of sight, I started looking down the string line a bit.

Good luck!