Eli Hops!!!

I just landed Eli Hops for the first time!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D
Just thought I’d let everyone know!!! 8)

wait you landed your first eli hops today?! so did I! This was the only thing I could land today for some reason! I just went for it and did it ;D congrats! it feels good!

Ya it does! Right after I got Eli Hops i got zipper for the first time!


i know that feeling too. i had it when i did my first suicide and laceration

Keep up the good work.

Try adding rolls or go behind your head now.

wat do you mean by adding rolls

WARNING!!! Bad quality…


You made a video just for me. I’m gonna cry :’( .
I see now… :o

Did you land an Eli Hop or landed Eli Hops