Element String Battle RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well…Here are the results of the winners!

Results for the Begginer Division!

1st Place: Dv888 with a total of 19 votes!

2nd Place: Mattsk8nike with a total of 11 votes!

3rd Place: YoKid5000 with a total of 3 votes!

And here it is, drum roll!

The results for the Advanced Division!

Scroll down please.

1st Place: Dacklink with a total of 14 votes!

2nd Place: yoyoguy1994 with a total of 7 votes!

3rd place: PandaJoe with a total of 6 votes!

Winners will get a PM in a few minutes. :slight_smile:

Congrats you guys!

Happy Throwing! =]

Congratulations, guys!

This competition went by fast!

indeed it did

About 2 weeks!

I wasn’t trying to make a major competition, but more of a fun short one, and to let as many people try Element Strings as posible. :slight_smile: