electronic-yoyo (e-yo)

very old yoyo my friend gave me. thing is nuts!! He had 2, I guess he was trying to collect but he doesn’t remember it was so long ago. I did a search and i only found someone who found its patent. how cool is this?? it sleeps good!


what do you guys think? take the other out of package? I looked it up and the patent is holding people back from doing it… It’s the E-YO. and as you can see it does stuff I have never seen others do. They saw me yoyoing and wouldn’t let me leave their house with out it!

no keep it in there

It’s nothing more than a cheap gimmick yoyo. If they were mine is find a kid to give them to.

why do I feel like I’ve seen this same post before, with that same pic?
anyways, like icthus said, it’s just a gimmick.
it’s just like those yoyos that calculated your RPMs.

If I had it I would pull it and play with it. I’m not a collector though, infact if I get a collector item I normaly get rid of it before I have a change to destroy it.

It’s not just you…

I KNOW I have seen this post b4

Me too. Odd.

I think that yoyo is super cool. I couldn’t contain myself from not playing with it. Cheap gimmick yoyo or not. I say take that sucker out and see what you can do with it. I would love to carry it around for a day and see like how long it has spun distance wise LOL. How many times you throw down in a day. Now i’m curious…I want one!

Yea I did a lot of searching on the website. Maybe a different forum? someone posted with this idea to calculate rpm’s and someone found the patent but no pictures or anything. just thought it was cool. I can assure you I am not re posting or something. I guess I didn’t word this right but he has one out of the package in a different color that was beat up and it actually slept good for a gimmicky tiger toy.

not the same picture, but very similar.

LoL, it’s not his fault he has short term memory loss, lol j/k. But yup pretty similar and same person, hmm who knew. lol j/k Sorry I’ll stop lol. http://www.smileyvault.com/albums/CBSA/smileyvault-cute-big-smiley-animated-086.gif Don’t Beat me Down http://www.smileyvault.com/albums/CBSA/smileyvault-cute-big-smiley-animated-015.gif

WOW whoops i NEVER saw that come up I thought I put it to another forum. I think i tried to post it on his WIFI and didnt think it worked or something. I dont post on this forum as much as I used to ever since my inet went so bad MY BAD! right now I tried deleting either and it didn’t work.

its not just any gimick tho it a part of gimick history LOL id open it i mean how meany ppl get to track there yoyo travill if u do open it let me know ur average distance 8)

Yomega had one of these in the late 90’s. I have one lying around here somewhere…

Here we are. The RPM.

Same kind of tech in a Raider body. It was okay, just started to tilt on long throws and was a bit to heavy to loop with for an extended period of time.

thats why I don’t want to open it! its history! but yea im gona track that ish and get back to you, haha.