crazy old school yoyo!

So I was at my friends house in NY hamptons and they saw my yoyoing and brought this out and said it was like 20 years old and gave it to me…
So crazy I kind of don’t want to open it. I wonder if they still have the patent on this stuff, I havent seen TIGER in a while. Just thought I should show you guys. It says it on the package but records like sleep time, how far it would travel if was walking the dog… just read the bottom of the picture. I want to open it so baaad haha.

dude i wish i had one of those :’(

reminds me of those yoyos that showed your rpms

I remember these things, they were around about 10 years ago during the boom. I wanted to get one when I saw the commercial, then never saw them in the store. After a long while and I saw it, I was like “Eh…no…that looks extremely heavy and hard to use.” I ended up getting a “Zing-it” instead, a yoyo version of the game “Bop It.”

patented stuff is protected for max 20 years, then it goes into public domain and anyone can use it.