eldersburg yoyo club

Good news if your a yoyoer in MD being 5"8 tall and weighs close to 120lbs there is a broadcasting channel in Baltimore and they want you I’m talking to shadix jomo and ghost8982 or any yoyoer in the baltimore area they want you! Note you must be a skilled
Pm me if your interested it must be ASAP there’s only so much time

yoyo club meeting moved to September 25th this Wednesday hope to see you there! ;D

Scratch that it’s moved back to the original date September 27th oh and still need a yoyoer for tv

I weigh a lot more then 120. Lol

Doesn’t the club meet tomorrow?
That would be the 25th of September.

I live in Harford County and fit all of those specs! Though it’s all good if you want somebody else. I’m definitely interested in showing up to this club!

The club meets tonight and pm me if you want to be on tv I need your name at least so and email but that does not seem too hard

im back im the guy that started and ran visual F/X just got back into yoing and want to help md get back into the main stream of the yoyo world.
I will try to b there on the 27th

Arnett (Vapor Ize)
visual f/x

Aww man you missed this one it was tonight next one is october 23rd it was really fun hope to see you next time

I was going to go but my employee quit. Next month maybe. :-\

Man that sucks then again you did not miss much there were alot of newbies there that didn’t know what there doing

hey guys, I’m a little confused here. I read that the meet is today, September 27th, but it seems that you guys already met. Also, where is this meet? I have no address or anything, just that it is in eldersburg.

Next one is October 27th the date organizer got confused on the dates it’s on Tuesday sorry for the confusion

Where is the Address?

No I’m pretty sure it’s abby that’s confused.

It was suppost to be tuesday september 25th but she wrote wrong

Got the date right but the wrong day. Tuesday not Wednesday.

Which would have been today but it only meets on the 4th tuesday of each month so it can’t be today.

No thats not a tuesday. Next meet is on TUESDAY October 23rd.

Here is the website for the Eldersburg Library. Scroll to the bottom, it’s in alphabetical order

Hope that clarifies things.

Nate! Please come! I haven’t seen you since Va States! Tell me what day you can come and I’ll definently try ad come that day!

So you want to be on tv?

bump for all the yoyoers


Adam! I’ll do the best I can to make it to make it this months meeting, October 23rd. I’ve got some awesome new tricks up my sleeve that I’d like to show you other yo-ers!