Eight8Eight grinding

In videos I’ve seen people finger grinding and popping the yoyo in their hand and letting it spin there (which I call hand grinding) and they do that for 8l seconds and then do some other really long combo and then they bind it back up, and it slams back to their hand. I just find that amazing. It this true that you can do that with an Eight8Eight? Or is this just really skilled or they modded it or something?

Yea, the grind is called a hand grind. It comes with a lot of practice on your throw and you can’t do it with most yoyos (not just 888). You can mod it but it won’t help that much.

palm grinds, finger grinds, thumb grinds, heck, with matator spikes i have done nose grinds.

but yeah, 888’s are good for grinding. the thing is that they are really practiced when it comes to throws. it is in their spin time, not the yoyo. and 888’s are not even (opinion) the best for grinding. i prefer generalyo’s hatrick for palm grinds and generalyo’s 5star for fingergrinds

The only mods you can really do to a 888, are
-A rim satin
-Siliconing it (not really a mod)
-Hitman mod
-Reshape (not sure, can you?)
-Clean the bearing
Some of those don’t actually enhance the performance.

I have done a palm grind, and then done nuclear test, and plan D on my 888, and it will still have enough spin on it to do plan D again. 888’s have too much spin times, and so do Buddha king 2’s…

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Except the Buddha Kings is ridicolously heavy

I have never seen anyone palm grind for 81 seconds… was that a typo

the 888 has been bead blasted so it grinds more smoothly. this allows me to grind for rediculous amounts of time but most metals (that ive used) grind pretty well.

really? my 888x spintime is bad. my g5 spins 3 times longer, but grinding is worse because h shape and i cant do palm grinds with an h shape well.

link to these vids? That is physically impossible.

My hatrick can’t grind for more than 8 seconds. There is no way the yoyo can grind that long bead blasted or not.

Maybe the OP talking about 8 second grind.

It can happen, moreover, 888 has a blasted finish.
With practice of course. That is why we call it a skill toy.

I meant 8 seconds. I already know how to do them. My question was can you really grind for 8 seconds and then do a really long combo and then get it back up?

there are more mods bro dont limit ur imagination u can do but very dangerous (but fun if u do it safe)
candy blast
soda blast
rethread unthread axle
and the list keeps goin bro ;D ;D ;D
but yes i have 2 888 (07 and x)(07 is better my opinion) and they are very good at grinding and very smooth

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oh u can do that with so many yoyos. just look at spyyguy. he grinds so much and then he just goes on with the combo.

With my Hatrick I can do and 8 second grind and have plenty of time to do some other tricks. It does take practice and for me a hard throw.

you can do it, with practice.
now days, most yoyo is stable enough to complete a trick and bind back to hand with the lowest RPM possible.
as long as it still spinning, i bet a skilled player can complete a trick and bind back, even after an 8 second grind.