eight8eight: Anything Wrong With It - Help Me!

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I asked ths question to Samad but I want your guys opinion too.

In the picture below, are the hubstacks right? The left one looks aquward to me. And in the other picture too, does the bearing look right? They seem too crowded together on one side, and none on the other. By the way this isn’t mine, but it someday will be. I’m thinking or seriously buying it, but first I need your help. :wink: Thanks so much! :slight_smile:


Looks ok to me.


Why’d you ask Samad if you obviously don’t completely trust his judgment? ::slight_smile:

Anyways, it looks fine to me, but if you are so worried about it, you should ask the seller not us, since he/she actually has the yo-yo. If you can’t trust what the seller say, you really shouldn’t be planning to do business with him/her.


find to me



It does look weird. Those hubstacks, are they even? Hubstacks are supposed to be full, not a top cap. That bearing looks weird too. Man, where’d you get that thing. Get a new bearing. One of the holders might of broke.

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I didn’t get it anywhere. It was on eBay for $16. But now it’s up for $41. I was gonna bid at the end, but I got there to late. I was going to own that 888. But, whatever. My PGM works just fine.


That’s a KonKave bearing, it looks weird but that’s what KonKave look like.