Effect of old string

ok guys i ran out of string a few days ago. i have some more on the way but i am using old string because my latest one made my yoyo become an offstring. so the string i am using is extremely stiff and i was wondering how much an old string affects your play because i feel as if it is getting harder to do some tricks instead of easier.

i am using a LF and i am not very good, learning some advanced tricks.
in case that helps.

The biggest it can cause string burn, this can hurt a ton.

It slows down your play because if you go fast it hurts your finger. If you have a glove, I’d recommend using it. It can also effect Whips, slacks, and suicides. It doesn’t hold loops as well and the tension gets messed up easily.

Yes. It won’t feel very great and probably won’t perform as well, but it is still possible to use it.

jack wiggin after u get your new strings want to do a video challenge??

it can still be used

Yet, It looks ucky, and it burns.

i played with old string one time wen i ran out and on a legacy it does not get binds very good

i would but i have no camera. :-\

thanks guys i appreciate all your help.
i am just waiting on the new string so i can tell if i am just going crazy.

Sounds good. And I just noticed that your title is wrong. It should be “Effect” not “Affect” just to let you know.

thanks it is fixed.