Edition: Reflection | Done

The production run has made it in!!!

I finished QC last night and will be starting the shipping process. A HUGE Thank you to everyone who supported the project so far, I’m excited to get these in your hands!

Left overs will be made available after the initial 30 pieces have sold.


Not much of a sale on the Reflection this Black Friday, however I did find some B-grades in the pile!

These B-grades are $85 instead of the A-grade $125 and are b-graded for minimal nail vibe.
There are only 3 so pick one up while you can!


Now that’s a great deal.

Hope yours gets to you soon!

This is Max’s first yoyo but i swear it feels like hes been making yoyos for years. its super smooth, really great for rejections, very powerful and just stunning to look at.


Glad it made it safely!

Hey Folks!

It’s been great to see the orders slowly getting to their destinations. A little update going forward towards the end of the year:

  • All B-grades are gone
  • All orders placed before 12/17/2022 will be shipped and on their way, anything after that will not be shipped till after 1/26/2023. This is due to a trip I will be taking and sadly I cannot split myself in two to fulfill orders.
  • If you have wanted to try a Reflection there is now a PIF (pay it forward) post on here, just drop your name onto that list.

Thanks for all the support so far and I hope you all enjoy your Holidays!


Hey Buddy!

Enjoyed your live at insta yesterday! Haven’t been much around here - just came across your project as of now. But: wow! Will reach out within the next days. Awesome!

Cheers and talk to you soon @MaximShoots ,

Thanks for checking out the project! Hopefully it was an enjoyable read!

The stock has been updated on the site, 6 Purples and 6 Pinks are left! This has been a fun project to do and I am glad folks have been enjoying their Reflections! Hopefully we will see some reviews soon enough!

Although I probably say it every post, Thank you to everyone who has picked one up, Happy Holidays!


Little torture testing today to see how strong the design really was. Typically we all have those moments where we accidentally ding our yoyo. It sucks, a lot, but it got me curious to see how this design would fair against some hard hits into concrete paired with some walk the dog action and accidental trick drops.

14 hits and on 13 it shifted the ring slightly 14 I added to that, then unscrewed, stepped on the yoyo to fix the shift and we were back to 9/10 smooth on a nail vibe test, no viable wobble or vibe, no string vibe!

Edition shared a post on Instagram: "Today I torture tested the Reflection! 

This was a painful process but I wanted to make sure it was one that might represent hard hits as well as the small oops hits we all have sometimes.

Stuff happens, but...

check the link for a tour around the damage: Edition on Instagram: "Today I torture tested the Reflection! This was a painful process but I wanted to make sure it was one that might represent hard hits as well as the small oops hits we all have sometimes. Stuff happens, but know the design can take a bit, even multiple . . . #yoyoing #reflection #todaysthrow #rthrowers #throwoftheday #skilltoys #designtesting"

For those without IG


I am so glad I decided to pick one up!

The Reflection truly has the quality, performance, and feel of a high end Yoyorecreation or TurningPoint. Incredible work on this design @MaximShoots, I highly recommend it to any folks still debating on picking one up.



Thanks for the kind words Chris! Glad it made it in safely and I am glad you’re enjoying it!


Just another update in case folks missed the last one.

I will be traveling abroad for about a month and will not be able to ship anything during that time. Any last second orders must be put in by TOMORROW, otherwise your order will sit till I get back late January!!!

Expect shipping to resume on January 24th or 25th!

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Hey Everyone! We will be back up and running starting the on the 22nd. To celebrate a great trip and a great start to a new year, Reflection prices have been dropped to $85 a piece instead of $125.

There are 8 left so snag them while you can! Happy throwing!

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I went pretty nuts buying yoyos in 2022, but none was nicer than the Reflection.

I hope there are future projects in the works.

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I’m glad it found a place it your collection! For this year I will most likely stick to 5-10 piece proto runs on a first come first served basis.

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We have reached the official end. The yo-yos are sold out and will not be re-run. For those who have picked one up, I am thankful for your support, it really meant the world to me.

Additional thank you’s for the folks who tested and gave feedback on the initial prototype, assisted with packaging feedback and helping with things like machine shop choice/quality information.

Those still interested in trying a reflection, there is still the PIF thread on here and I hope the yo-yo keep a traveling around for as long as folks want to keep trying it. It’s be a genuine joy to see folks enjoying and jamming out on something that was just meant to be a personal exploration of the full production process.

Let me highlight once again that this would not have been possible without Alex Hattori who did the CAD work for my quirky ideas! Although this yo-yo wasn’t able to reach its original Ti-Rim form, I feel that regardless it embodied exactly what I had in mind with that original design. I cannot credit or thank him enough.

Going forward into this year expect to see a few prototypes but no production runs, extras from these might end up going to sale but I will most likely have them up before the order goes in in pre-order fashion similar to this run.


Congratulations! The Reflection is awesome. I didn’t know Alex Hatori also designs yoyos (though I’m not surprised that someone who can do 3A and create Battlebots can do that too). What other yoyos has he designed?


All the boosts and some personal projects, I’m not too sure about his other involvements.