Edition: Reflection, B-grade's for black friday!

The production run has made it in!!!

I finished QC last night and will be starting the shipping process. A HUGE Thank you to everyone who supported the project so far, I’m excited to get these in your hands!

Left overs will be made available after the initial 30 pieces have sold.


Not much of a sale on the Reflection this Black Friday, however I did find some B-grades in the pile!

These B-grades are $85 instead of the A-grade $125 and are b-graded for minimal nail vibe.
There are only 3 so pick one up while you can!


Now that’s a great deal.

Hope yours gets to you soon!

This is Max’s first yoyo but i swear it feels like hes been making yoyos for years. its super smooth, really great for rejections, very powerful and just stunning to look at.


Glad it made it safely!