Edition: Aspen Review By Philip!

Hello folks! Some of you might know me from my involvement with OPYoyos, others might know the Instagram and its photos and videos. Recently I’ve had an itch I’ve been craving to scratch, making a yoyo. Luckily with the help of Alex Hattori that was possible.

Introducing the Reflection.

The Reflection is a personal examination into design traits which have made an impact on the yo-yo’s which I pick up.

Design insight and inspiration:
Rounded wide rims, inverted catch zone, and a center “button” style hub were all key design aspects I wanted to incorporate. A 47mm width draws inspiration from the SF movement, a key and influential yo-yo. While the 67g weight looks toward the heavier standard set by Japanese designs, paired with a conventional 56mm diameter we have all learned to love. All to say, these specs were not completely random. However unlike most modern throws that pack a ton of ring weight, and “min, max” the weight distribution, I wanted to pull inspiration from some older Turning Point’s such as the Anubis. This meant trying to strike a balance between the distribution of center weight and rim weight, opting for more center weight and less ring weight, allowing for the 6061 to help fill the gap of overall rim weight. What was achieved was a less fatiguing play that might be associated to a similar design with a higher “min, max” styled weight bias.

Initial Process:
When you start a design you are met with a blank canvas. Originally this design was a bit of a crazy late night idea with titanium rings. After getting a quote for the prototyping cost the decision was made that it would be too expensive to continue as the first prototype made, as well as unfair to those who were offering to help order the run by purchasing the left overs. So a step back had to be taken and a small redesign had to happen, this time using SS rings but staying true to the original ring weight constraint as before.

initial Ti Ring render

Final SS Ring render

Manufacturing is taken care of by FPM. This is primarily because of the lower run count but I am happy to have them working on this project due to their high quality workmanship.

A Note:
This would not be possible without Alex Hattori who stepped in to assist with the CAD for this yoyo, as well as the 3 other folks who picked up one of the 3 remaining prototypes. Thank you David, Matt and Adrian.

Diameter - 56 mm
Width - 47 mm
Weight - 67g
Materials - 6061 + SS rings

Thank you checking out this side project of mine! If you have any questions feel free to reach out on Edition (@editionyoyo) • Instagram photos and videos


That green is perfect, hope the produyrun with same color!


I’m glad you like it! Sadly this specific color will be for the proto’s only. However! I’ll be taking recommendation from folks once pre-orders are filled for color choices :slight_smile:


Clear and/or Sakura (light, kinda pastel) pink plz

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Reflections are Live on the site! Thanks for those who have already checked it out and picked one up.

One official color is decided as well: Pink!

The other is going to be decided by the pre-order group. I have made a discord group for those that have picked one up so that there is a dedicated space for it.


I have a proto, which is the same as production will be. I like this yoyo a lot. I would definitely recommend it to Turning Point fans. It has good power, but doesn’t play heavy at all. The weight distribution gives it this old school floaty feeling, but combining this with bimetal performance creates a really enjoyable yoyo. Great maneuverability and string feel. It’s one of my top chill and autopilot yoyos I have.


Thanks for the love David! I’m glad its made it into your top lists and is getting plenty of play time.

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I hope you’re able to sell out quickly, this is such a gorgeous throw!!!

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Reflection: feat. Adrian Velez (@aridnavleez)

Thank you for all the support so far folks! We are about 1/3 of the way full on pre-orders!

Enjoy this clip of Adrian slaying with the proto reflection from yesterday’s meetup

Edition shared a post on Instagram: "Reflection: feat. Adrian Velez (@aridnavleez) 

Have you joined the Reflection pre-order yet?

We are about 1/3 of the way full so join up while there are still spots! You won


Pre-order folks have finalized the colors

The group color will be Pantone Very Peri in a polished finish.

The Pink is Pantone Cherry Blossom also in polished finish.

These are the final colors for the release. Please note the renders are most likely not accurate to the final result.


Oof, that pantone very peri is going to be amazing looking I bet.


I’m looking forward to it! A few more orders till I can put the order in but hoping to get the process started next week. It’s been fun to go through the motions and it looks like there will be plenty of left overs.


Exciting News! The Run is funded!

Thank you to those who bought into the project, I cannot wait to get these into your hands.

Another thank you to everyone who interacted with the pre-order. There were plenty of kind words of encouragement and helpful stories from other brand owners which made the process less anxiety ridden than I thought it might have been. Just shows how accessible and supportive this community really is.

Left over pre-order slots will be kept open until they fill but colors are finalized. Hope to get the order in before the end of the week and will continue to post updates through the process.


Woo!! Congrats max!


Lets talk packaging and presentation:

I have been looking through different packaging options for this small run and have come up with some criteria and would love to hear some feedback/thoughts on how much packaging weighs in on a drop like this.

Current goals:

  • sustainable packaging (composable/recyclable and or made of Recycled cardboard and paper)
  • Hand stamped boxes (getting a custom stamp made instead of stickers)
  • recycled shipping filler

The Box:
So far the idea is to get a single box which will serve as both the shipping box and the yo-yo packaging. This is primarily to try to cut out an addition box from the packaging equation. However I know some folks really would rather prefer having a separate box for them to keep.

The Packing:
in order to make sure the yoyo is protected in transit the yoyo in honeycomb packing paper and additional will be added to cushion the rest of the box.

The Stamp:
This is a bit of a call back to the old CLYW Stamped boxes (at least I thought they were?). I will most likely get 2 stamps made, One of the logo or piece of artwork, and another which will have the specs + name.

Things I cannot avoid:
The shipping label and possibly tape but currently looking into water activated paper tapes to at least address that.

What are your thoughts?
Would you like to see individual boxes or are you fine with one?
Does sustainable packaging mean anything to you/would you recycle/upcycle/continue using the box for shipping other goods later?
Stamps vs box stickers?


Eh just send the YoYo packaging is over rated :slight_smile:


I dont understand whats wrong with the 2 boxes approach?
I usually use mine to ship yoyos that I might sell.


Nothing wrong with it, just wanting to eliminate an additional box from the equation when it comes down to paper waste. I am more than willing to do the two box approach if that ends up being requested.

I started with a similar approach in reducing certain packaging but eventually it was not sustainable because of the quantities, time and labour.

I ended up using recycled cardboard that uses no glue/tape whatsoever to hold the yoyos.

The shipping packaging is another story, you definitely need either tape or certain type of adhesive in case you want to avoid the film tape.


really cool behind the scenes look! Thanks for your input. Yeah this is why I decided that using the shipping box as the main “yoyo box” was probably the easiest solution. I had a Don and thought the idea/solution you had around the “yoyo box” was really cool.