Edge Ultimatum Evan Nagao and Ayumu Kasuga which one

Yesterday I have order The Edge Ultimatum, I thought it was from Evan Nagao, well the one I choose was not, it was from Ayumu Kasuga. I find this very misleading. That both from Evan and Ayumu same product but one description with Evan Nagao which is not the purple green color and the purple yellow. So Which one is what ? Are both the same YoYo or is it only the signature what is the only different. They are selling as one profduct and not seperated, but two different names on it and same price.

Sell it not as one yoyo product with Evan Nagao only. Because the same yoyo has signatures from 2 different people. I saw it too late, because it is in every shop the same. I was looking closer and wondering where is the signature of Evan. Googled it and find out that another name was on it, but still The Edge Ultimatum.

Sorry for my bad english I am from the Netherlands

So to my knowledge, the yo-yo design itself is an Evan Nagao signature. But the COLOR you ordered is from Ayumu Kasuga. That’s his edition of an Evan Nagao yo-yo.


So it is still an Evan Nagao YoYo, only the color is from Ayumu ?
If that is true I find this really strange … a name for only a color and if so, write it in a description of The Edge, because now it seems like all the colors are from Evan, which is not.

They’re the same yoyo, just different colorways. This happens very often, especially with bigger companies like YYF and CLYW. You can find yoyos like the supernova, which was a Tyler Severance signature yoyo, with special editions for other players on their team at the time (ex: Jason Lee)

It’s still an Evan Nagao signature yoyo, but it is Ayumu’s signature colorway on Evan Nagao’s yoyo. Hope that clears it up.


Thank you so much for explain it to me. I have a lot too learn. so now I have 2 in One, Evan Nagao Yoyo with the color of Ayumu, two Top YoYo men. Love it.


Here’s an example. The shutter is a Gentry Stein signature design. He made the shape. He chose how it performs.

BUT, Ann Connolly got a signature color. It has her name on it, even though it is still a Shutter yo-yo, which means it was designed by Gentry Stein.



Ow okay, I understand it now. Thank you !


Yeah! It’s pretty cool.

Plus, Ayumu is an AWESOME yoyoer.