Edge beyond

(Victorian YoYos) #102

Oh ok now it makes sense, I was just worded differently to me. Carry on your night :slight_smile:

(André Boulay) #103

I have to say - I really dig your review style @SimplyMike - Haha. You have a good voice for radio too. Keep up the great work! :ok_hand:


Thxx Mr Boulay

I did plan an exit but fans are asking me to keep it going…I’ve got something in the works. So, you’ll be seeing me around.

Thxx again.

(Mitch ) #105

I recently got an edge beyond and i think its awesome. Its my go to when im learning new tricks as its super for forgiving. Is the price justified over the edge 1.5 pictured? Frankly, I dont notice a massive difference in performance or quality. I dont regret getting one but I got mine off bst at a much lower price.

(Ethan Phelps) #106

How did you get it lower?

(Mitch ) #107

I got it on the reddit buy sell trade

(Ethan Phelps) #108