Edcember with your friendly neighboorhood creep

Well, most of you know what Edcember is, right? where you use a throw you’re not too great with? Well, I’m throwing my ONE with a slim bearing (go responsive!). But, there is something else I’m doing that I haven’t seen anyone else do… A style they’re not good at.
I’m A lefty. I’ve been throwing my protostar with my right (and only the right) since the 1st. Really, It’s a practice for starting 3A.

Is anyone else doing anything similar?

Here’s how It’s going for me:

Day 1: Ugh. Just throwing Straight is a daunting task. I can snap start and do a whip to bind if I’m lucky.

Day 2: Throw getting a little better. Binding is weird. Lucky if I can get it up.

Day 3: Binding getting a little more fluent. Starting some cross-arm hops now.

Blah… Blah… Blah…

So far, doing better than I thought. :wink:

Day… 5? (I started on the 2nd, actually) I can hit houdini mount, double or nothing, trapeze, trapeze and his bro, and a few other things now. Binds are somewhat fluent now :smiley: It’s doing good. 3A here I come!

That’s what Edcember is?

I think I’m gonna skip that this year. I got enough problems with my regular play! Other than that, I completely agree. But I may do this in a different month. I might spend more time working on 2A.

You should update this thread daily.

haha! If i had 2A throws… or 4A throws… or 3A throws I would totally do something else (like 2A) but I guess, in a way, this is practicing 3A, considering I’ve never thrown with my right in my life lol. I’ll update it daily if I can.

Shortest post I’ve seen from you in a long time :wink:

What a great idea :slight_smile:

I’m planning on starting my Edcember thread when I can get some pics up.

I’ve already settled on a One with a somewhat slow 8 ball in it, and a shorter string than I usually use.

After a week, my play has already changed considerably. It doesn’t have anywhere near the stability or longevity (in my hands at least) to do a lot of the tricks I prefer, or really anything with all that many string hits over a long period of time. I find myself on a constant mission to find tricks and make combos that maximize string hits and complexity in the shortest possible amount of time, which is leading me toward tech stuff that I usually don’t favor.

Day 20: I threw with my left hand today and it felt a little awkward. With my right, I’m pulling off hops, crossarms stuff, Jedi backflips like nothin. It’s gonna be fun with 3A using my psg pair waiting for me on Christmas. :slight_smile: