Edcember with Waylon - Duncan Tournament

My main goals were simply to experience something truly old school, have fun, and enhance my yoyoing. I’m no stranger to wood, but this particular yoyo is problematic in ways that require a patience I do not possess. I know I was dismissive in an earlier post, but I did learn from the experience. I learned a new way to throw that keeps my finger from being sore. I learned that a little familiarity with the yoyo I was committing a month to might have been a good idea.

My brother once tried to read a book by Kafka. He didn’t enjoy it. He slogged his way through as much as he could. He hated the thought of leaving a book unfinished. A close friend if his told him ‘make a deal with Kafka, then. You don’t have to finish his book, he doesn’t have to write things that appeal to you’. That’s my deal with this yoyo. Maybe I’ll come back to it someday and find a way to make it work. For now, it’s not for me.

I saw that ed posted in this thread and I really really really wanted his only words to be

“Man up, puss.”

Needless to say, I am saddened.

Those were his only words. Jhb8675309 changed it.