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(Jei Cheetah) #1

Particularly the part starting at 3:44
Before you put this off because you see the date of when this was made, just give this a chance. This video is something that really inspired me with this guys story.
Truly a great guy with a love for the sport, and I think we can all learn something from his philosophy and view of yoyoing.

This vid has been up for a while so many have already seen it. But for those who have not, there it is.




wow i enjoyed it ;D THANKS


some of those tricks back then were dangerous… look at that around the neck thing. one wrong move and you are clocked in the head.

Amazing :smiley:


Anyone have a 16mm print of this? I’d love to do a better quality transfer.

Oh, optical soundtrack. I’d do some cleaning, filling and restoration first.


Jayyo, I dont know If you care, but I found that video fantastic. That was both touching and entertaining at the same time. The fact that a sweet old man like that could enjoy the yoyo so much and make children laugh with it warms my 13 year old heart.
So, thank you for this amazing video, with an amazing look at an amazing man.
I assume he passed away by now, but do you have any idea when?


I love these nostalgic looks back at the joy of yoyoing in years past. There was a innocent simplicity to the sport when everyone was throwing just a fixed axle yoyo. My first yoyo was a black wooden Duncan Imperial with a white stripe. I loved that yoyo. I lost him forever when he flew through the front picture window of our family home. (Maybe I’ll have to share that story sometime. I think there may still be some red marks on my backside from that fateful day.) Today I have these incredible throws, some I have paid over $100 for. And yes, with the remarkable advancements in technology in the manufacture of yoyo we have seen, especially in the last decade, we are capable of doing so much more today. Yet in all of this progress perhaps there has been a loss of the pure enjoyment of a simpler sport. I can’t do much with my Imperial today before it loses spin. Still, I wish I still had that little black and white wooden Duncan Imperial. He will always be one of my very favorites.

Thanx so much for sharing this video Jayyo.


just imagine if you could go back in time and show them what yoyos can do today


That’s a great video. It kinda makes me sad that I learned to yoyo by myself, because the whole learning as a group looks great, especially when your learning from a guy who is so passionate about yoyos.
Thanks for putting it up! ;D