Edcember with Pajama Man- the aftermath

as some of you may know, I am throwing my stock Metal Drifter by Duncan and my Yomega raider of r 2A for the rest of the year in celebration of Edcember.

day 1: great, no problemo.

Day 2: awesome. Still going strong from this rush of heroism. :stuck_out_tongue:

Day 3: friction stickers wearing down. no one in the entire state of rhode island sells stinking friction stickers. none in stock at YYE, and i don’t want to order them online anyway, because I have to go through the inventory while constantly hearing “hey, Pajama man, why don’t you buy me?” in my head. all the while my Supernova is sitting on my desk, chilling like “hey, are the pads in your drifter going out? well, I have some fresh silicone in me, and I’m really awesome…”

how are you guys doing in your endeavor?

I have friction stickers pm me your address.

Day 4: friction pads completely done. soo glad i’m getting some from modman. (thanks modman) tried some double dice 5A, then proceeded to epically fail at double dice 5A. all in all, a good day.


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Day 5: didn’t throw at all today. feel no pain. I guess that means I CAN quit at any time. :wink: I had a pretty good day. my bass teacher gave me a concerto to learn ;D ;D ;D, so i know what ill be doing when I’m not yo-yoing.

Friction stickers are in the mail sorry it took so long.

no problem, i don’t think anything of it. thanks a lot for them.

Day 6: day 6 sucked. I was so darn tired after school, but then i had to play basketball and go to choir practice right after. I had no energy at all, and i’m still trying to recover. BLAH! :stuck_out_tongue:

Day 7: a lazy day overall. I am still kinda wiped from yesterday, but i threw a couple loops with my raider, and i’m getting pretty consistent with one inside loop. so i guess that’s the first week. Alright! only three more.

I find that I am not throwing as often either. My Edcember throws are an Ann WHiP with a fixed axle sleeve, a pair of Loop 808’s (currently only using one to learn on), and an Aquarius. With the fixed axle sleeve, the WHiP is very responsive and sleeps for about 20 seconds at most. I suck at looping, so there’s not much to say there. The Aquarius is the silver sparkle 2007 Worlds edition. I got it brand new from a certain online yoyo store, and it came with a locked, over-lubed, somewhat rusty bearing. I guess that’s to be expected from a 5-year-old yoyo though.

It’s a fixed axle Aquarius, then :slight_smile:

A fixed axle Whip sounds like a good idea. You may want to pull the response out of one half and see how that works.

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Day 8: a great way to start week two of Edcember is to get new friction stickers in the mail! (thanks modman!) They are still pretty grippy, and i hit myself in the face a couple of times. (ouch). but i think i’ve gotten them broken in enough to not… you now, hurt myself :P. I’m still working on those inside loops, and i can do two consecutive ones maybe two or three times out of ten.

I wonder what my Supernova plays like… I forgot…

Day 9: yo-yoed literally all day, and have the injuries to prove it.

Day 10: I’ve grown to hate the metal drifter. It’s a nice enough yoyo, but after you’ve played with it exclusively for 10 days in a row, you grow to despise that hunk of metal. I practiced a bunch of loops, and hurt my hands and face multiple times. sigh only 21 more days…

Day 11: I’m kind of getting settled into a routine. Finally. the metal drifter’s pads have almost gotten into an unresponsive state, so I haven’t gotten hurt as much as in the past couple of days.

day 12: nothing to report really, unless you count that i want a new yoyo so bad! or at least to be able to throw one of my favorites again. also the pads in my yoyo have gone kinda weird on me, so that’s still up in the air. I’ll be glad when this month is over.

Made this a LONG time ago so excuse the noobishness of it.  I thought it might help.

That is the coolest thing ever!

Day 12- continued: i just landed a double brent stole on my metal drifter. YAY!

Landing those tricks that seem impossible on a particular yoyo is very rewarding. Two more weeks and anything else you throw will feel like magic.