Ed Haponik's 77 Rules For Yo-Yo Players Book, With John Higby Artwork

Off the top… (you thought I forgot) :smiley:

I got mine in the mail, I was happy when they sent me,
The Ed book and yo-yo, artwork is done by Higby.
The cap on my ProFly has pictures drawn of Ed,
And the whole book I read, before I had gone to bed.
You need one, besides, isn’t that what you were wanting?
A custom ProFly, and fixed axle made by Duncan?
It comes with the book, is that too hard to believe?
Nothing like a new throw with some rules you ought to read.

Peace. 8)

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I love mine. It’s very well done. I’m in love with Higby’s art. I’ve got a small collection of his stuff now and I’m very excited to keep it growing!

Just ordered this. Higby’s art looks very cool and this will give me something non-wood to play with in my fixed axle time.

No way.  Look at that last trick  :o

So what are the added 11 rules?

You’re probably gonna have to buy it to find out…

I wanna know too though XD

Hold on. Let me check.

How many pages is the comic??

Jealousy. That is what I feel in this moment.

About 19 pages worth of comic. :slight_smile:

Just got mine. The artwork in the comic is cool. The inside pages are black and white and appear to be photocopies, but the artwork and layout is great. The images really fit the rules. The hand-painted proyo is very cool. Not all are darker in color. The rims on mine are an orange color, but just as interesting. I have the close-up cap in this thread and then a close-up of Ed doing what looks like a kick-flip or dump truck, so that’s pretty awesome. Shipping was good. I ordered on a Saturday and it came Wednesday. Looks like some good stuff.

Big thanks to Total Artist for the awesome photos and the rhymes! SO GOOD!

Really appreciate everyone’s support on this. I worked on this book for about 6 months and drew it in over 15 states even camping!

Honored to work with ED he is a WIZARD!!!

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^Thanks J.HIGS. :wink:

I read through the book and (with permission) decided to post a few rules in here to give you an idea what the book is like. Of course, I picked out the rules I agree with the most, that have my favorite drawings that go with them. It was hard to choose just three, but here’s the first one.

What I like about this one is the cute little cartoonized disassembled throw. :smiley: And the dude is cute, with his four fingers. I can tell there are only four, because the Higby characters always have four. His little thumb is on the other side of the throw. Look at the axle! Now, that’s cute. Who could disagree with this rule? I guess someone could, but I like this one.

https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5616/15128612513_d325a2e9f1_z.jpg77rules2 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

I’ll post a few more later.

Update: Here’s another one. I promote the stuff I love for free, so this one makes a lot of sense to me.

https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7497/15563189230_ccac185a05_z.jpg77rules1 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

So I just got mine. Very cool little book. Higby also sent me a little free-from-some-cereal-package yoyo…really cracked me up. One half of my ProFly is white with red splotches, the other half is blue with red splotches, so it’s kind of patriotic but goes all purple pink funky when you throw it. And the artwork is, of course, typical Higby cool. So what’s the point of this post? I had never played with a ProFly before. Those things are really fun to throw. It will stall and regen for days. I mean, I watched the Ed video, and I just assumed it would do all those cool things because Ed was throwing it. It turns out that was true, but it did more than I expected. Yoyos are supposed to be fun, and this one is.

It’s nice to see this get a bump. John always throws in something extra, such a cool dude. I bought two books, used some colored pencils and colored in one whole book. It looks very interesting now. I kept the other one stock. :wink:

I got one of these too. I was really impressed with the Proyo too. But I’ve only thrown it once just to see what it was like. I know there are those that believe if you buy it, you should throw it, but I’m still working on my skills, so the last thing I want to do is damage this thing of beauty. I also got that cereal box yoyo. I still haven’t opened and assembled it. My guess is that it wouldn’t be too good, but maybe one day I’ll try it out. I think it’s from the Teddy Grahams cereal.

I opened one of the 2 I got and put it together. It wasn’t very impressive. Super cool novelty extra though!

Thanks everyone!

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