66 Rules ( Slightly Revisited)


Last Saturday I saw that John Narum was selling a Tom Kuhn Tom Cat on the BST. I figured there was no way I saw it before any other TK fans, not to mention I was about to walk out the door to go to work. A quick email and offer to buy, and I left for the shop. That afternoon I was floored to check my email and find that I was in fact the first to respond, and he had sent me a paypal invoice for the Cat.
[Note to self: add John to hero list]
But wait, there’s more… he threw in a ‘66 Rules for Yoyo Players’ yoyo…
John does not know me, and there is no way he could know how much that would mean to me, but
wow… I was floored.
Anyways, here is a link to the 66 rules for those of you that don’t have a hard copy taped inside your lockers.

And the pics… hope some of you guys enjoy the retro stuff, I pretty much stay there…

Looks like Ed was working out when he posed for these paintings, pretty buff!!